Women’s 9 Hole League

2021 Women’s Club Sign-Up Form

Tanners Brook Ladies 9 Hole Golf League plays Tuesday evenings from 5:00-6:00 PM. We are a social league who invite women of all abilities to join us for “fun in the sun”.  We offer weekly games that are geared to all levels of play. If you need assistance pairing up with other league members, our Pro Shop personnel will gladly assist you.

The 1st date of league play for the 2021 season is April 27th.  The league will run for 20 weeks.  The league fee for the 2021 season is $70.00, which includes your GHIN fee & Banquet.  Weekly games will be $4.00 per event.

2021 Weekly Game Schedule below:
We hope everyone has fun out on the course this season and enjoys playing these games!
And remember…in this league, the most important thing is “forming friendships” by having fun!!

Game of the Week:
April 27th Most 3’s, 4’s, 5’s & 6’s: The player who has the most 3’s, 4’s, 5’s & 6’s on their scorecard WINS!
 May 4th Gross & Net Skins 
  11th Par is your Partner: Net par is the maximum score you can take on a hole.
18th 2 Person Low Net: The players add up both their 9 hole net scores.
25th One Best ball of Two: Each player plays her own golf ball throughout the round, and on each hole the low score – or “best ball” – of the two serves as the team score.
 June 1st Mystery Holes: There are 3 “mystery holes” that will be an automatic Par.
8th Throw out your 2 worst holes: At the end of your round, throw out your 2 worst holes and then add of your score.
15th 3-3-3 Combo: First 3 holes are best ball, next 3 holes are scramble and the last 3 holes are alternate shot.
22nd 2 Person Low Net: Both players add up their 9 hole net score
29th Gross and Net Skins:
July 6th Low Gross, Low Net, Low Putts: Best score with and without handicap.  Make sure to keep track of your putts too!!
13th Best-ball Twosome: Each player plays her own golf ball throughout the round, and on each hole the low score – or “best ball” – of the group serves as the team score.
20th One Best Ball of Two
27th Flag Events: Events will be long drive, Long Putt, Closest Chip and more.
 August 3rd Low Net with a Twist: The players with the lowest gross and net 9 holes but with a twist. After the round, you come back in and pick a number 1-9 and whatever number you pick will not count on your scorecard.
10th Beat the Pro: Your net score against the Pro’s score!!
17th Bestball Twosome: Each player plays her own golf ball throughout the round, and on each hole the low score – or “best ball” – of the group serves as the team score.



Scramble: Pro Shop Pairings, Appetizers and Drinks after the Round!! 

Club Championship Starts: Play 3 times in the next 3 weeks and take your best 2 scores.

September 7th Club Championship Round 2:
14th Club Championship Round 3:


Green Fees Walk
Weekday Special (Monday – Friday) $30
Weekend Special (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays) $34
Nine Hole Weekday $19
Nine Hole Weekend $21
Twilight (After 5 p.m.) $21
Evening (After 6:15 p.m.) $14

***Senior 18 Hole With 1/2 Cart ( 50 years old Valid Monday-Friday ONLY)

***Any one requesting their own single rider cart                                   



Additional Fee


*Student 18 Hole $20
*Student 9 Hole $12
Weekday Rates $42
Weekend Rates $46
Golf Cart Rates Per Rider
18 Hole Riding 1/2 Cart (per person) $18
9 Hole Riding 1/2 Cart (per person) $11
Pull Cart $4
18 Hole Club Rental $15
**Season Cart Permit $690 Plus Tax
Driving Range – tax included
Small Bag (25 – 30 balls) $5
Large Bag (50 – 55 balls) $8
Season Range Pass $275 Plus Tax




*Student fees valid for those 17 years old and younger. Not Valid before 1:00 PM on Weekends.

*Please Note: A second rider will be required to pay a single rider fee. Two single riders must pair up when requested to do so. The cart must be returned at the Staff’s request.

Senior Rate good Monday – Friday ONLY Before 3:00 PM.  Not valid for Tournaments, Holidays Or League Play.

Groups of 2 or 3 are subject to having additional players added to their groups.  You should not count on being able to play alone in groups of 1-3 players.  Should you wish to experience a more exclusive experience, we offer the opportunity for guests to buy their entire tee time out.  Please contact Craig at 651-464-2300 if this is something you would like to do.




(651) 464-2300

Tanners Brook Golf Course


5810 North 190th Street

Forest Lake, MN 55025